About Us

The Paradise project came to life at the beginning of the 1990’s. Throughout the years, the company has evolved from manufacturers of custom-made concept decorations to international distributors of Christmas and interior decorations.

Paradise, with professionalism and creative sensibility, creates, discovers, and gives its own twist to a vast range of products under well-crafted themes so that clients may experience new and exciting collections every year.

Constant innovation and rigorous market and creative research are tools that help Paradise build its collections while keeping its clients’ success in mind.

We are in love with Christmas!

Our trees’ and nativities’ exclusive designs and high quality make them one of a kind.

From the cutest angel to the friendliest reindeer, and from the tallest fir tree to the most tender crib, our collections fulfill every desire emphasizing Christmas in its boundless interpretations.

And let’s not forget our design team, who dedicates themselves to transforming dreams, ideas, and sensations into real, selling products.

Paradise also carries a range of products for interior decoration and beautiful furnishing accessories to give value and add personality to every ambiance, commercial space, or home.

Make a wish—share your ideas with us!

The Paradise creative team, together with its direct manufacturing partners, can transform your idea into a real product and customize the products according to your needs!

Join our world!